Why choose us?

We’ve created the spaces…
make them your own

Grab the keys, and fashion your dream units to best serve you. Take advantage of the perks of Cowarehousing for you and your services or products’ needs. Be part of a community of leading innovators, creative minds, just like you.

Entrepreneurs have needs
our cowarehouse exceeds them

Here’s what we offer:


24/7 Access & CCTV




Like Minded Community


FOH Receptionist


Photography Studio


Podcast Studio


Flexible & Short Term Plans


Pref Courier Rates


Print & Pack Station


Meeting Room A/V


Private Studio


Warehouse Concierge

Flexible agreements

Tradestars offers the flexibility for you to
start, run, and scale

with a minimum commitment of 3 months.

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Whenever you need them

Supporting innovation-
that's what we do

From 24/7 access, a dedicated Cowarehouse manager, and a reception, to delivery management, desirable locations, goods areas and more – our cowarehouse helps budding and seasoned entrepreneurs focus on their business while we take care of ours.

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Logistics and distribution

Our warehouse concierge
offers you peace of mind

As ecommerce specialists, we can support your business in the real world, by handling your products with care. When it comes to warehouse logistics, convenience is part of our framework. We have goods lifts, large walkways, loading areas, print and pack stations and a post management service.

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The cowarehousing way

A new-fashioned environment
for taking care of your business

The benefits of cowarehousing: communal spaces and amenities and a collective mindset, but with the privacy of your own studios to exceed the physical requirements of your goods and services. Welcome your ideas, products and clients into your new work-not-from-home home.

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