Cowarehousing Facility In Hackney

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Cowarehousing Facility In Hackney Wick

Studio A004 is a cowarehousing facility in Hackney Wick. Tradestars offers short-term and flexible leases to help entrepreneurs and growing businesses get started. Our cowarehouse is set up to allow for efficient storage and fast distribution of goods. Features include a delivery management service, loading zones and onsite meeting rooms.

This cowarehousing facility in Hackney Wick offers a variety of studios. A004 is a ground floor space with a large door, to facilitate goods transportation, and is set-up for you to move in right away. Lighting, power points, radiators and wifi are all included in your studio.

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Studio A004
Is Ideal For Ecommerce

If you are looking for a cowarehousing facility in Hackney Wick that makes it simple to move your ecommerce business to the next level, Studio A004 is the solution. Customise your studio to best store your goods with shelf storage, and create workspaces to manage your orders.

During busy periods or high stock times, when you might need a separate area for meetings or work, your team can make use of the onsite breakaway areas and meeting rooms. If you want to update your product imagery, you can take advantage of the photography studio. Tradestars also provides areas for your team to relax during their downtime, including a kitchenette, cafe and lounge.

Suitable uses
  • Flexible Warehousing
  • Small Warehouses
  • Studio Spaces
  • Ecommerce Warehouses
  • Retail Warehousing
Key features
  • Ground Floor
  • Natural light
  • Customisable Space
  • Very Wide Door
  • High Ceiling

Studio A004

Studio Information

  • 202 sqft
  • Building Floor: Ground Floor
  • Door size: 1.3 x 2.2m
  • Ceiling Height : 3.13 metres
  • Plug points: 6 plug points
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Studio A004

415 Wick Lane

Hackney Wick

E3 2JG

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